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DuPont Receives CRDF Global Corporate Impact Award
December 7, 2015

CRDF Global, an independent nonprofit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, training and services to improve the lives of people around the world, has awarded DuPont the 2015 Corporate Impact Award at the organization’s annual gala event in Washington, D.C.. The award recognizes companies that promote peace and prosperity through international science cooperation. CRDF Global honored DuPont for its commitment to science collaboration and developing science-based innovation to nourish a growing population and build an energy-secure future.

“A rapidly increasing global population and changing societal needs are placing significant demands on our planet’s resources. DuPont is applying our vast range of scientific expertise and knowledge to build global networks and bring innovative products to market with a simple, common goal in mind – making lives better, safer and healthier for people everywhere,” said James C. Borel, executive vice president, DuPont, who accepted the award on behalf of the company. “We are pleased to work with CRDF Global and our international partners toward this goal.”

CRDF selects corporate awardees based on their facilitation of scientific collaborations between countries, promotion of safe and responsible science, encouragement of innovation entrepreneurship that supports economic growth and creative programs that improve science capacity.

“We are so pleased to honor DuPont for its commitment to leadership in international scientific cooperation,” said CRDF Global President and CEO Cathy Campbell. “It is fitting to celebrate DuPont for its impactful and expansive work furthering cross-border science collaboration at our milestone 20th anniversary gala celebration,” said Campbell.

DuPont has more than 150 research and development centers across the globe, where scientists and engineers conduct research and work collaboratively to identify new science-based innovations. In 2014, DuPont collaborated with more than 200 universities, and published some 300 articles in scientific journals. DuPont has more than 3,000 technology agreements with universities, companies and governments, and has participated in a number of research collaborations through CRDF Global aimed at increasing scientific knowledge in agriculture.

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