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Wake Forest University (WFU)
Winston-Salem, NC

Wake Forest University Department of Physics
100 Olin Physical Laboratory
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7507

Phone: (336) 758-5337
FAX: (336) 758-6142

Wake Forest offers you two approaches for pursuing a career in engineering:
1. Our 3/2 engineering program, where you transfer to an engineering school after three years at Wake Forest. After approximately two more years, you receive two bachelor’s degrees in engineering: one from both Wake Forest and another from the engineering school; or
2. The 4/2 approach: you may complete the Bachelor of Science degree at Wake Forest (most commonly in physics) , and then go directly into a graduate engineering program. You will then receive an master’s degree from the engineering program you choose, typically after two years beyond the bachelor’s degree.

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